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Published on 03/19/2024Paul Hoyt - Suwanee, GA


Do you love working remotely? Is making sure people have a pleasant service experience something that’s important to you? Do you find that it’s just in your nature to want to help others?

We are gladly willing to offer a learn-as-you-work environment in exchange for your attention to detail, service mindset, dependability, and ability to put your learning skills to the test. Many of our past team members were not in the industry before they joined us.

Our company has a strong history of offering moms part-time employment with flexible morning and early afternoon hours while they’re kids are in school. If this describes what you need, know that we’re happy to work with you to make a schedule that works for you and your family.

Here are the key responsibilities:

  •          Serve as the primary customer service contact and the primary inbound sales point of contact for our company

  •          Manage sales inquiries with a goal of communicating as much helpful information as possible to encourage a sale, with help from the owner to answer more technical questions. We heavily use templates to provide as much helpful information as possible for potential clients.

  •          Follow-up with those who have expressed an interest to offer assistance and remain front of mind. Ours sales approach is very service-oriented and consultative. We hate high-pressure tactics, but you should be comfortable with the idea of following-up with people who have expressed an interest in a watch, and you should understand the importance of a sale.

  •          Communicate with customers regarding all warranty repair issues and provide return labels and status updates

  •          Manager customer service inquiries and address customer issues with empathy always and with gentle firmness as needed

  •          Take orders and send invoices

  •          Coordinate with our shipping team member the shipment of all orders and the return of warranty repairs to accommodate any special requests from the customer

  •         Perform a number of other administrative duties relating to customer service and managing inventory online


We are looking to fill a current vacancy left by a part-time team member who filled this position remotely.  We’re a company that has very low turnover.  Most of this position’s hours are in the morning. 

For certain in-person and remote candidates, there’s also a possibility of getting additional hours by working as a personal assistant to the owner.

The hourly compensation is dependent upon experience. This position has opportunity for both salary growth and advancement. Although we do not have a group benefits plan, additional compensation is available for someone needing insurance.

We are an equal opportunity employer (EOE). We believe a diverse workplace is a great workplace.

To Apply: Please send your resume and cover letter to



What we’d like to see:

  •         You’re motivated to provide service excellence and have a strong attention to detail.

  •          You have excellent communication skills.

  •          You are empathetic and on occasion can be gently firm.

  •          You understand the importance of a sale.

  •         While the owner and office director are gladly here to assist you as you learn, you also are always learning more about watches and our processes to work more independently as your knowledge and experience grows.

  •         You have fluent proficiency in online shopping and a working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

  •         You can multitask. It’s a position where there won’t be continuous interruptions and you’ll be able to get into the flow of your work, but you should be comfortable multitasking and prioritizing and delivering tasks on time.

  •         You track your necessary tasks and consistently follow through.

  •         Any watch or jewelry experience would be valuable but isn’t necessary, although developing a comfort with handling watches is necessary.

About Paul Hoyt

We’re a dedicated team who love watches, serving our customers, and making the world a better place. And we love meeting new people who share our passions. If you think you might be a fit for this position, we want to hear from you! As the Customer Success Manager of Connoisseur of Time, you’ll be part of a team who serves more than 5000 clients, some of whom are public figures, Fortune 500 CEO’s, and celebrities. We push lots of high-quality work through a fairly small funnel.  We are a distributed team - a few team members work on-site at our office in Suwanee, but most work remotely. 

We sell high-end collectible vintage watches and pre-owned luxury watches through our online boutique and online shopping destination sites (like eBay, Etsy, and a number of others) to collectors of all experience levels and to non-collectors who want the perfect watch to wear every day or to gift for meaningful occasion. Our service, quality of merchandise, and expertise are consistently rated among the top in our industry. Last year we were named one of the “Hot 100” by WatchPro Magazine, the leading magazine in our industry, as one of the top 100 influencers of the U.S. watch industry.

While we love watches, we’re a company that really works to make the world a better place; not only by the way that we work, but also by what we do with our profits. We donate a significant portion of our profits to non-profits that are making a difference in the lives of people in our community and around the world: To date we’ve been privileged to strategically give away several hundred thousand dollars to carefully hand-picked charities who do amazing work with a special emphasis on those who work from a faith-based perspective.

Our company has a strong history of offering moms part-time employment with flexible morning and early afternoon hours while they’re kids are in school. If this describes what you need, know that we’re happy to work with you to make a schedule that works for you and your family.

LocationSuwanee, GA 30024

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