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First Bank and Trust Company of Illinois
Palatine, IL

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Ortho Molecular Products
Barrington, IL
Medieval Times
Schaumburg, IL
Mobile Mark
Itasca, IL
Medieval Times
Schaumburg, IL
Medieval Times
Schaumburg, IL
Medieval Times
Schaumburg, IL

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Christian Art Gifts, Inc.
Bloomingdale, IL
Christian Art Gifts, Inc.
Bloomingdale, IL
Guide Stone
Dallas, TX
Guide Stone
Dallas, TX
The Cambridge School of Dallas
Dallas, TX
The Village Presbyterian Church of Northbrook
Northbrook, IL
Guide Stone
Dallas, TX
Minneapolis, MN
Guide Stone
Dallas, TX


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Meet face-to-face with employers in the Willow Creek Care Center Market Plaza!  (67 Algonquin Rd., South Barrington, IL--use Entrance "G") Job opportunities in multiple industries are represented.  No need to check-in at the kiosks unless you are utilizing other Care Center services such as food, clothing, etc.  Employers are seated at tables directly under the large wall monitor.  Feel free to approach them and learn more!


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LinkedIn Profile Overview for Beginners

Planning for Job Search Success Part 1

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Part 1 - Is Business Ownership Right for You?

Part 2 - Building your Business Plan & Market Strategy

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Session 2 - Building your Business Plan and Marketing Strategy
Session 3 - Creating your Marketing Plan
Session 4 - Starting Your Business in Illinois - 12 Steps

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Job Search Tools:
Job Fair Readiness Workshop
Job Search Tools Workshop

LinkedIn Profile Overview for Beginners - Feb 2024 
LinkedIn Optimization Checklist - Mar 2022

Networking Workshop

Job Fair Readiness:
Job Fair Readiness Workshop - Oct 2022

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WorkNet DuPage
Find Help (Hundreds of organizations that provide help)
Work Permits (Information about work permits for asylum seekers)

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Reviving Blue Collar Work
Guide for New Contractors
Labor Unions - Advantages and Disadvantages
How to Plan for Retirement as an Independent Contractor

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Accessibility for those with Disabilities
Walgreens Disability Inclusion
Disclosing Disabilities in the Job Search

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Jobs - Formerly Incarcerated
GEO Reentry Services
DEFY Entrepreneurship Program for Corrections impacted individuals.